TVP Info: Jakub A. rented a car to kidnap a 10-year-old boy


Jakub A. used a 10-year-old Kristina rental car – the TVP Info website announced on Thursday. The man, giving the car, was supposed to be upset, he also tried to undo traces of the girl's presence in the car.

"Investigators have admitted that forensic technicians examine the car used by Jakub A. to kidnap Kristina, ten years old, very carefully, but the prosecution does not want to reveal any traces found in the vehicle," the article says.

The findings from the TVP Info website show that Jakub A., preparing for the murder of a girl, used a car from the rental company. "He chose the hyundai and it was when he went to Mrowin to kidnap Kristina," he said in an article.

"When he gave up the car, he was nervous." It turned out that he cleaned the interior of the car completely and he should also wash the padding in the seats "- said one interviewee of the portal TVP Info.

Kristina, age 10, on the last Thursday around 13 o'clock, left school in the center of the village of Mrowiny, where she lived; he was separated from home by a mile away. The last time was seen 200 meters from the house. His body was found the same day in the forest – six miles from Mrowin. The prosecutor's office in Świdnica reported on Friday that the death of the 10-year-old girl was caused by chest and neck wounds.

Suspected of his murder, Jakub A., 22, was detained on Sunday afternoon. At night, he was taken to the district attorney's office in Świdnica for questioning. The prosecution has accused him of murder with particular cruelty – as a result of motives that deserve special condemnation, insulting the corpses – and of the accusation of inciting another person to join the murder earlier. According to the prosecution, the suspect confessed the two charges against him also during a detention session in court. On Tuesday, the court arrested him for three months.


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