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To Gdansk without traffic jams. You pay using the application, you will go through special gates

Automatic payments are designed to make charging rates much faster. According to the company Blue Media, who developed this method, instead of 200 cars within an hour, thanks to the application of toll booths can pass 600 cars.

This is, of course, great news for everyone going to the coast. Of course the system will not prevent bottlenecks, but it will give you a better chance of passing without unnecessary delays.

The Autopay application allows you to use automatic payment to travel from Gdańsk to Toruń and both ways. The system has been tested in the A1 since July last year, now it is made available to drivers more widely.

Corridor of life. Not everyone knows how to use it

Now it can be used by those planning shorter trips. The system works on all input and output ports of the 152km section A1.

Drivers should also remember that payers will automatically have special gates only for their own use. They will be marked with the AmberGO symbol and a plate with a scratched manifold.

What do drivers need to do to pay automatically? Just install the Autopay app on your phone, which is easy to find on Google Play and the App Store. Then we add the vehicle data, payment card and it's ready.

Later, at the gates, the camera system will recognize our registration numbers, increase the barrier and, after exiting the A1, will automatically collect the rate from our account.

Importantly, you do not have to run the application, you do not even have to bring the phone on which you downloaded the application. The same solution will start operating in July between A4 and Katowice, between Krakow and Krakow.

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K.I'm in a hurry to the pathology in Gdańsk, where the cunning and greedy drunken Dulkiewicz anti-Polish rules, the SBecs are employed by the police, and in … Read the whole thing

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GhubffI would like to know how thanks to this application pass 5 km of congestion before the gates. Are they going to build a belt for them?

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wxdctfvgbhjnmAMBER GOld again?

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