Friday , October 22 2021

These photos are rare for him! Piszczek will boast of a family portrait. she's a pikarz … beautiful. And the kids are real anioki


The holiday season is at its best. The Polish pikarze also decided to take a break from work and most of them go on vacation.

SEE THIS: Lewandowska will praise you for another holiday photo. By the way, it reveals how your morning looks. The fragment about Robert and Klara is moving!

Lewandowscy and Szczni chose Mykonos and Piszczek … son of Majorek.

you will see Piszczek with Ew and dzięi on vacation

A family photo of a football player will show Instagram. Both Ewa and the children, Sara, Nela and Maya Patryk, captivate us with their natural charm.

Time for family – Piszczek wrote under the photo.

There was no lack of admiration in the comments. No wonder, these photos in the case of Piszczek are really rare.

Respect yourself for keeping your privacy private. For the first time seeing the whole family … I did not even know there are 2 + 3 of you. Rest! – we read.

Such natural family portraits are not the most beautiful.

She is beautiful. Without this nasty plastic work like some of your friends roller skate reprints.

Wow!! Family as of the photo!

We believe that Piszczek publishes photographs so rarely. We are sure that these beautiful photos on your family album are much more.


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