The Walking Dead – a shocking ending to the fifth episode of season 9 explained


The Walking Dead managed to surprise the 5th episode of Season 9. Cliffhanger revealed that after saying goodbye to Rick Grimes, we took the show a jump in time o – according to the showrunner of Angela Kang – 6 years. In the scene, we see Judith Grimes with her father's revolver, Katana, and Carl's now 10-year-old hat. Kang claims that the girl was 4 years old at the beginning of season 9. He explains that they had hoped to surprise those viewers who did not expect it to be a leap in up to 6 years.

We also meet comic book characters who, according to Angela Kang, are a strong group who have been traveling together for a long time. They can survive. Two women are Magna and Yumiko, who are a couple. They want to show them the international accent of the show thanks to them. All because of the cast of actresses: Nadia Hilker (Magna) comes from Germany and does not hide her accent, and Eleanor Matsuura (Yumiko) is British of Japanese descent. These characters must be true to the comic, while the rest of the group – Connie and Kelly, according to Kang, are vaguely inspired by the original. Both are composed by deaf actresses who, thanks to this, will reflect better the character of the comic personages. They are played by Lauren Ridloff and Angel Theory. The latest new character is Dan Fogler, who is a fan of the series. At first, they thought they would be cast as Jed, who led the Zbawors rebellion early in Season 9, but decided it did not fit. That's why this new character must be good because it captures the character of the actor.

Angela Kang announces that this new group is a breath of fresh air in the series and we have something to look forward to. He promises that the communities we know have changed a lot in the last six years. We expect many new products.

The Walking Dead – premiere in Poland on FOX.

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