The Uber driver stopped. He killed Rodrigo de Lima.


Brazilian police arrested Uber, who drove a car to Rodrigo de Lima, an MMA fighter known for his role in the UFC. Jefferson Roger Maciel Barata was arrested.

Josh Hedges / Getty Images

There was a discussion between men. The driver of the vehicle asked Rodrigo de Lima and his friends to be quieter because they interfered in the direction. So the UFC fighter hit the Uber driver in the face.

The prisoner translates his action. The situation that resulted in the death of a 28-year-old athlete, he described in a statement sent to police. He says he just wanted to scare the Brazilian – says


I am asking God and the family of Barata for forgiveness. My goal was not to hurt anyone. I just wanted to scare him. Today should be my wedding. I should start a new life and that's how it happened, I regret it a lot. I'm going to pay now for what I did, "Barata said.

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The driver decided to take revenge. After hitting the man, the competitor and the friends accompanying him got out of the car. Then the Uber employee left, but after a while he started to withdraw, then drove to the Brazilian star with the back of the car.

Rodrigo de Lima was married, an orphan of two children. He joined the UFC organization in 2014, but after two games lost, the contract was not renewed.


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