The team "Tears" in an official statement attacks the husband of Anna Wyszkoni: "He has the talent to fight with the teams"



team crying Even in the early 2000s, the Polish market triumphed. Unfortunately, when leaving Anna Wyszkoni evidently lost in popularity. Despite leaving the band, the artist did not give up performing the biggest hits crying, which can not be reconciled with its creator – Adam Konkol. Wyszkoni's last presentation in A chance for success. Aspiring artists, the participants of the show performed not only the solo pieces of Wyszkoni, but also those of the repertoire crying. Konkol, supported by his wife, decided to speak and he accused the singer of robbery.

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Her husband and manager stood in defense of Ani – Maciej Durczakwho suggested that Adam would rather "send flowers" to the director Chances for successbecause the name of the band was remembered in the program.

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It turns out that Konkol and his wife intend to continue to drill the whole affair, and the band's fan page appeared official statementin which they maintain their opinion on the performance of the works crying by Ania:

Each of us has the right to have a private opinion on any subject, but as a band of Tears we all think that Mrs. Anna Wyszkoni after "us" leave, should not perform songs from the repertoire of the band Tearsthis applies to your shows, TV shows and festivals.

According to them, the husband of Wyszkoni, who – as Konkolowie claims – is behind the conflict he has the talent to fight with the teams:

As for the revelation of Mr. Maciej Durczak, it is not known from now on that he has the talent to fight with the teams, but he does not know what he wants to win, trying again with us using cheap manipulation.

Interestingly, unflattering comments left by Internet users under the statement, they are mysteriously disappearing, and people who are hostile to Konkolom are constantly blocked. Adam also engages in discussions with Internet users with great commitment.


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