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The renovation of the house of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry cost 2.5 million pounds. We know what lies in the middle (and what is not)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry completed the renovation of their property at Frogmore, costing millions of zloty. The house will be divided into several separate apartments, but the couple will decide to change.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry skipped the renovation of the property

Buckingham Palace will issue a statement where the exact costs of renewal will be given. It turns out that Meghan and Harry spent no less than 2.5 million pounds in their new home (over 11 million zlotys). The total amount will be covered by funds from the Krlew family, who are actually British taxpayers. * Fortunately * it was also stated that Harry and Meghan Markle were responsible for all the new elements in the garden and the elements of the equipment.

What are the sums that were made in possession? The list of changes is long.

First, property requires adaptation to the 21st century. The roof was repaired, several walls were demolished, it was completely restored, new heating was installed, an electrician was replaced and everything that could not be used because of the destruction was replaced. The house is now autonomous in terms of access to electricity, has access to water and gas (which was not the case before).

The renovation of the property would occur regardless of whether Prince Harry and Father Meghan lived in it. Queen Elisabeth has a plan for major reforms of several royalties written over the next few years, for which much money has already been allocated.

What do you have in the possession of Frogmore?

Meghan Markle's new home, Harry's prince and his son Archie are supposed to be "cozy and familiar." Unlike previous gossip, there is no yoga studio. From previous rumors, it was only confirmed by the very renovation of the property and the position of the new wooden houses. There are four rooms in the house, for the priest's mother there is no separate case at his disposal. The house would have its only official residence.

However, we know who decorates the interior. Harry and Meghan have asked for help from decorator Vicky Charles, who responds, among others, to George and Amal Clooney's house. What style this designer likes, you can see in the instagram of Soho House – a club associating interior designers, which Charles leads.

The style in which it projects its interior is a combination of modernity and tradition. Looking at what Harry and Meghan Markle like, you can expect the style also to have:

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