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The rapper threatens the creators of Fortnite with a lawsuit for illegal use of his tray

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Epic Games has accustomed Fortnite players who after winning the fight, they can perform a triumphant dance, which is based on the movements characteristic of specific people. Unfortunately, not all authors like this. Milly rapper 2 Milly threatens to sue companies for illegal use of their tray as well as monetize the player in the game.


Is this how the creators of Fortnite will have to defend themselves against lawsuits?

Fortnite, in addition to the most popular game status with battle royale mode, is also known for offering its players over 100 emoticons, pop culture more or less inspired. Unfortunately, the use of folk dancing or motifs of movement can be reflected in the hiccups of the Epic Games studio responsible for production. 2 Milly, Brooklyn rapper, to threatenwhich suits companies by using their signature moves to create a Swipe It emoticon available in the game.

please note that Fortnite is available for free, has several microdata that allow you to win Epic Games well. Real world coins ($ 5) can be bought, for example, by the emoticons mentioned. Milly 2 rapper, when he discovers how he tells his friends and writes that his creative work was used and foamed, will be clearly expressed:

Everyone started to tell me: hey, your dance is in the game. They sell this particular traffic and make money from it. I came to the conclusion that I could not do much. I do not want a million dollars in compensation, just protect what's mine.

Curiously, this is not the first time an artist in a hip-hop environment decides to pay attention to Epic Games. In July this year, the situation on his Twitter profile commented on Chance The Rapper, a much more recognizable post in American pop culture. Rapper realizes with precision that black creators created these dance moves, but never monetized them. I suggest it would be better if the money spent on face pieces was shared with the artists who created it.

For now, it is not known how the whole situation is, but given the law, the artist has little chance of winning a possible trial. That's because, as Merlyne Jean-Louis, lawyer, comments on the situation – copyrights do not include choreography, and dance moves can not be claimed in the form of a patent. Oskare has not commented on any games yet. All that remains is to wait and watch as the subject unfolds.

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