The Medical Chamber examines the deaths of a 39-year-old woman at the Emergency Medical Service. Checks if it was a "professional offense"


The explanation of the death of Krzysztof, 39, who on March 18 with suspected embolism in the leg, will be sent to the rooms of the Municipal Hospital of Sosnowiec.

The man spends 9 hours on SOR, during which his condition worsens. Leg with an hour of fluff and the liquid is mixed with it, mixed with blood. Man will lose consciousness to be resurrected. Around 22 matches Hospital staff of the Oskara family on underestimating the patient's condition. According to the man's brother-in-law, the 39-year-old man died of "negligence and terrible neglect."

The importance of the Sosnowiec Municipal Hospital should be refuted. The president of the project, in his statement, emphasizes that "there is no justification for the situation that happens in the hospital," but he will add that the man in the room did a lot of research and consultations.

The Public Ministry and the National Health Fund investigate issues. The Katowice District Ombudsman, operating within the Polish Medical Chamber, also initiated the verification process.

The district spokesperson for Vocational Responsibility in Katowice will examine whether in this case there is a risk of professional misconduct by doctors who are doctors. If the Defender determines that the doctors were guilty of professional misconduct, the case will be referred to the District Medical Board in Katowice.

– says spokeswoman Alicja van der Coghen.

Pinewood. death of a 39-year-old girl in SOR

The president of the Polish Medical Chamber, MD, Ph.D. Tadeusz Urban, admits that many hospitals have problems with staff shortages in the Hospital's Emergency Agencies.

"This is a very difficult and difficult job that requires the ability to make quick and accurate decisions, if within 8 or 12 hours the doctor accepts multiple patients, then all the time he is on the verge of resistance" – observed Dr. Tadeusz Urban.

According to the president of the Polish Medical Chamber, many patients with less serious complaints, rather than consultations, are referred to the Emergency Medical Center, "because they know that in a short time there can be a complex diagnosis." And that "exceeds human resources and technical capabilities".

When there are many patients, there may be a lucid assessment of their actual health status. One model would be if physicians had the time and opportunity to work with truly deprived patients, and often people went to the ER, for example, because of ticks.

– adds the doctor.


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