The Godlewskie sisters sang the Polish national anthem. They lost a big slip


Independence Day was exceptionally pompously celebrated this year because we were celebrating the 100th anniversary of regaining independence from Poland. In addition to state celebrations, smaller initiatives have appeared in many cities to celebrate that day. Many people also joined the action of singing the Polish national anthem initiated by President Andrzej Duda. Athletes, musicians, actors and journalists joined the action # kiedymyżyjemy, whose purpose was to draw attention to the correct corner of the words of Mazurek Dąbrowski.

The participation in the action was also taken by the Godlewskie sisters, who, on that occasion, suffered a great slip. Celebrities who are known mostly for unsuccessful performances of Christmas songs and popular songs as well as an accident on one of the streets of the capital have posted a recording on the network where the Polish national anthem is singing. Unfortunately, the sisters have shown that they do not know the words of Mazurek Dabrowski. Instead of "Poland has not yet died," they sang "Poland has not yet died," instead of "what the foreign saber took us with a saber, we will receive" in its version is "what foreign power has plucked from the scepter ". No better then. Instead of "from the Italian land to Poland" we hear "Poland from the Italian land". The name Czarniecki was also darkened for Czarnecki and the Swedish partition for the Swedish partition. Godlewskie also confused the verses of one of the verses.

The TVN Turbo host was interested in the matter and informed via Facebook that he asked the lawyers to analyze the case. The journalist cited Article 137 of the Constitution, which states that "anyone who publicly insults, destroys, damages or removes an emblem, flag, flag, flag or other emblem of the state, is subject to a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for one year".

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