The beginning of the end of the Xperia Compact line is a sad harvest chasing the tables


It is possible that the next "compact" edition of the next Sony brand will no longer appear, and the Xperia Compact brand will go away. This is sad news for people who would like to buy a small Android smartphone in 2019.

Oh, I'm going to miss the compact line of Sony's smartphones if rumors about his death are confirmed. I was a big fan of the first model of this line. Although I have been using the iPhone every day for years, I still have a green copy of only a 4.6-inch Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone in the drawer.

I do not use a Sony phone every day, and the speed of Android installed on it leaves a lot to be desired, but I'm happy to pull it out when I want to see how mobile apps look and work on the Google system. I remember then, for which I really like the manufacturer of this device.

Sony was one of the few companies that took care of offering something for everyone.

The search for larger and larger screens on phones made people with smaller hands have a big problem today. A few years ago, the 4.3-inch screen model was considered a giant. The ordinary smartphones there were only four inches had screen diagonals less than a decade ago. The 5.5-inch phones were called due to their phabletami size.

Today, in turn, no one is surprised by the 6-inch phones. It is true that, over the years, not only the screens grew, but also the frames around the screens decreased, which allowed larger panels to be placed on the same front surface as before. However, the external dimensions of these devices have increased both length and width. This makes it difficult to hold them with one hand.

Models from the Xperia Compact family were the answer to the needs of people who did not fit into this state of affairs.

Years ago, Sony decided that just like clothes, it is difficult to sell them in just one size, so in the case of smartphones, it is good to give a choice to the customer. The other producers were convinced that it was necessary to combine the diagonal of the screen with the price shelf. As a result, smaller phones were cheap, but they were characterized by much worse parameters.

Sony went in a different way. Decided to present two emblematic models at the same time with the same specification. In principle, they differed only with the capacity and dimensions of the battery. It was a success, and the company has been working like this for years. Unfortunately, that seems to be the end. It's possible that another Xperia is available in just one dimension.

Sony has decided not to launch new phones and will likely change its strategy.

The company has not brought new smartphones to CES 2019 in Las Vegas, and the next few will not appear until two months at MWC 2019 in Barcelona. Birds say the Xperia XZ4 should be a frameless smartphone, with a 21: 9 cinema screen ideal for watching movies. There will also be a camera with two lenses.

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Unfortunately, it seems that Xperia XZ4 will not be seen, unlike its predecessors, younger sister. This is how you can deduce from the statement that Don Mesa, deputy chief marketing officer of Sony Mobile, provided service. If the Xperia XZ4 Compact appears, it's probably only half a year later on IFA 2019.

Sony knows that the Xperia Compact are not phones that a mass audience wants.

This is no surprise. In consumer consciousness, "more" always means "better". This is where the geek crap searches for gigahertz and megapixels, chasing the diagonals of the screen.

It's a pity that Sony took part in this stupid race after all these years. It's a shame for customers who knowingly want to buy a smaller phone. So far, even if they could not rely on other brands, Sony's offer could find something for them.

It also appears that while player phones are undergoing a recent revival, Xperia Play will not receive any spiritual successors. It is a shame that Sony, in the hands of the PlayStation brand, can not create a phone that is the perfect companion for your console.

But who knows … maybe the company happens on the occasion of the next generation.


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