Taxpayers who install cash registers online will receive a refund of up to PLN 700 – Business


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Taxpayers, forced to install online cash registers, will receive a refund of up to 700 PLN of purchase costs – provides for the draft regulation of the Ministry of Finance. "Due to budget constraints," companies that exchange traditional money online and do not have to do so will not be reimbursed.

Up to 700 PLN will be returned to entrepreneurs using tax registers online / © 123RF / PICSEL

In the justification of the draft released on Tuesday on the website of the Government Legislation Center, the Ministry of Finance recalled that the amendment of the VAT Law introduced an option, and for business taxpayers in specific industries – the obligation to use cash registers online.

It has been explained that such casinos are equipped with new features. In addition to storing in the cash register memory, they can also continuously transmit automated and direct data from the device, data from records kept and data about events relevant to cash register work. This information must be sent to the TIC (Central Kas Repository) system maintained by the Head of the National Tax Administration.

"This system will collect and collect data from cash registers for analytical and control purposes," explains MF.

It was reported that, according to the amendment to the VAT Law, a refund of 90% of the amounts spent for the purchase of online currency was provided. purchase (without taxes), however, not more than 700 PLN. It was noted that the deductible amount does not change compared to the currently applicable regulations. Returns will be received by entities that started keeping sales records using online check-outs; who will voluntarily begin keeping records of sales using cash registers online and has not previously used other types of cash registers to maintain sales records; who were forced to exchange cash registers with electronic or paper copy of the online cash register due to the activities carried out in certain industries.

"The deduction will be due only to online cash registers, which were acquired within 6 months after the date of commencement of sales records. The deduction of the amount spent on the purchase will not be due in the case of purchase of other types of cash registers .

"Due to budgetary constraints, the deduction will not also be due to taxpayers who exchange electronic or paper copy boxes of online cash registers, except for taxpayers required by law to exchange cash registers for doing business in specific sectors" – was reserved.

The amendment on VAT, which will result in the introduction of online cash registers, awaits the signature of the president. The new rules are to help reduce the gray area. According to the novelty of the "old" type, there are 1.6 million assets that can be used for several years, that is, until the permissions for its use expire. In the case of a cash register with a paper copy of the copy until August 31, 2019, as a cash register with an electronic copy until December 31, 2022.

However, there will be exceptions to these rules. The law provides that by December 31, 2019, the following credit cooperatives may use: entrepreneurs – repairers of motor vehicles and mopeds, including tire repairs, their fixation, retreading and regeneration, and for the replacement of tires or wheels for vehicles motorcycles and mopeds; sale of gasoline, diesel or gas for vehicles.

By June 30, 2020, the following cash registers may use: catering establishments (including also those operating seasonally); Entrepreneurs offering hotel services; sale of coal, briquette and similar solid fuels produced from coal, brown coal, coke and semi-coke intended for heating.

By the end of December 2020, coffers will have to switch taxpayers who provide services: hairdressing, cosmetics, construction, medical care provided by doctors and dentists, legal and services related to the operation of facilities to improve physical condition – just in terms of admission.



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