Thursday , October 21 2021

Taco Hemingway and Quebonafide with the girls in the game. Super photos


During the Polish match between Poland and Israel in the bleachers of the National Stadium in Warsaw, Polish show business stars were teeming. Among them, you can not miss two beautiful couples: Iga Lis in Taco Hemingway and Natalia Szroederwho appeared in the VIP area in the company of his rapper Quebonafide. For the first time in history, fans of both couples had the opportunity to admire their idols in one place. It turns out that nothing connects as much as not music, but … football. An interesting fact is that both pairs appeared in the National W black and white version.

In the white summer look she put a beautiful daughter Kinga Rusin. Iga Lis wore a loose white sports shirt and her boyfriend wore Tacowho had tied her hair in a ponytail. The vision of Iga de Taco belies all the rumors that have recently suggested that the couple had a crisis, some media still claimed that the beautiful couple broke up. The daughter of the TVN star applauded the Poles with her friend Natalia Szroederwhich, in contrast, contrasted with black.

The singer was wearing black sexy top, who emphasized his tanned, well-treated body. Your rap partner Quebonafide He also introduced himself in black, not forgetting the elegant cap with a visor.

Both couples introduced themselves beautifully. Look what they are passionate about!

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