Spider-Man: Away From Home – yes Avengers: Endgame changes MCU. The director comments



New trailer Spider-Man: Far From Home he has already made his web debut. Perhaps the most important issue in your context is how Avengers: End of the Game affect not only the world of Spider, but also the whole MCU? This time we will move away from the classic analysis of the trailer; with unexpected help, we came to the director of production on Peter Parker, Jon Watts. He gave extraordinarily extensive interviews yesterday for the Entertainment Weekly and Fandango portals, in which he tackled a number of important issues for Marvel's Cinema Universe and its next issue.

In addition, both sites announce a conversation with the filmmaker simply as an "analysis" of the trailer, in which Watts develops and comments on the most important elements of the video. Again, remember that the following information is spoilers related to the events contained in the production The Avengers: The End of the Game – MCU will never be the same. Convince yourself:

movie Spider-Man: Far From Home will enter the cinema screens in Poland on July 5.

source: Fandango, ew.com / main photo: Marvel


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