Saturday , October 23 2021

Settlement of the car for the employee. Fuel without PIT


A car for employees only liquidates bills for companies going to court. The dispute with the tax authorities lasts four years, writes Rzeczpospolita.

The daily explains that as of 2015 there is a recipe that shows that if an employee uses a company car for private purposes, then the company must charge you an amount every month (from PLN 250 to PLN 400).

Such a rule should be a facilitation for employers, but the tax department noted that this is a good opportunity for additional income. "According to civil servants, the employer must add to the employee's income the value of the gasoline used by him in a private fund (and financed by the company), and tax it (18 or 32% of the PIT)," we read.

Fuel without IRP – interpretations of tax treaties

Companies do not like this interpretation, so they go to court. The problem, however, is that only those who have gone through the legal process receive positive interpretations. – When the entrepreneur has a valid judgment, the tax department must give up. However, the entire battle lasts for four years. And I have the impression that this is the reason for the resistance of the officials. Maybe they expect the courts eventually to change their minds – says Hanna Filipczyk, an Enodo Advisors tax advisor, Rzeczpospolita.

Other entrepreneurs receive judgments which follow that the judgments on other issues, they are not binding on the tax administration.


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