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Retro design, soft ear protectors, noise reduction and balanced sound quality. The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT is the perfect headset for people who are constantly looking for high quality sound?

When the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT hit my desk, shortly after testing the PXC 550 from the same manufacturer, I immediately thought of one thing. Both pairs of headphones have a similar configuration, they are available at a nearly identical price in the most popular stores and at first glance without looking at the intricate specification, they differ from each other and just a different approach from the overall design . Five minutes after setting up the Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT in the head, I already knew where the German manufacturer decided to put a solid comma separating the model from the alternative proposal in the form of PXC 550 headphones.

The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT comes out of the package making a great impression – it's possible that this is retro thoughtful design, which some features refer to the earliest, bright ear protectors on the market a dozen or even several decades ago. However, Momentum Wirless M2 AEBT headphones can not be considered the kings of mobility. Of course, the whole design of the headphones is not too heavy, but getting them to the "Momentum" immediately shows their solidity – that feeling pleasantly put me in the first impressions associated with hearing, but about that in a moment.

The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT uses an interesting sliding fit system for ear plugs. At first it seemed to me that this type of deregulatory construction would lose over time, but there is nothing to worry about – the mechanism requires a lot of force to move and gives the impression of being really resistant to multiple adjustments. A thick, flat cable protrudes from both casings directly into the headband, which is responsible for leaning on the headphones. The latter was covered with leather – just like the right and left pad. Despite the lack of amortization in the form of an additional sponge, the Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT is in your head exactly as it should.

Similar to the PXC 550 model, the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT uses the right hook to control and manage all parameters. This time, however, there is no room for tactile control – German engineers put on a classic mechanical switch, signaling the operation of the headphones, their load and overall activity, as well as a button that allows turning the entire structure on and off. Also we will find a micro USB connector to charge and connect to a computer, plus a classic 3.5mm input.

I have to admit that at first I missed the possibility of a simple "ringing" of the right earphone to change the music or decrease the volume when playing music. However, physical controls can get used to it quickly. However, it's worth taking a look at the instructions before – it's not for everyone that this system will be intuitive, and it's a shame. Just checking the headphones can be a bit more thoughtful.

The design of the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT is very simple and takes up little space – just like the PXC 550 model. There's nothing to worry about in a backpack or bag.

The German producer knows how to make us forget the world around us through headphones. Despite my big head, which I mentioned in the PXC 550 test, "Momentums" does not disappoint. The whole structure resists freely, does not press, does not bite and does not bother. I noticed, however, that people with slightly larger ears may have trouble fitting them into the earrings – they were "in touch" with them. The PXC 550 model was definitely more comfortable in this case.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT headphones allow for effortless listening of several hours to listen to music or watch movies. During warmer days, the skin of the ear protectors may, however, give way and after some time you will have to take that model off for a moment and take a break.

For the general ventilation and comfort of using these headphones, however, I can not have objections. In the context of convenience, Sennheiser as usual wins a good five with a bonus.

We came to a point that separated the Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT model from the PXC 550 described a few weeks ago. If the price is the same, then the features of the headphones should be similar, right? Nothing more wrong. The German engineers in this version used a completely different fit and made the very characteristics of the headphones intended for the recipient who needs specific things.

I tested the Sennheiser headphones with a cable connection to an external DAC amplifier in wireless mode and during a USB cable connection with a computer. Interestingly and worth checking out at once, with each of these variants highlight played equipment … in a different way.

What immediately occurred to me when I was flooding it with headphones is the fact that the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT plays a fantastic, balanced and above all unburned sound. The PXC 550's warm, serious, and somewhat somber features gave way to clarity, a solid split of the lower, upper, and upper parts. The Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT also amazes you with holography and the full width of the stage – and here we have to deal with closed headphones!

What will surely attract the most demanding listeners is the fact that in this version of the headphones of the German company, everything seems unplanned and "in operation". The bass is perfectly controlled with a tendency to an aggressive kick and to descend to really low bandwinds. Appreciated by some "mountain" does not light, it does not itch and simply completes the whole. That is why, however, it is worth taking a look at these headphones, it is the center. The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT divides the PXC 550 model in this regard by moving us efficiently to the heart of the action. However, it is small, but …

This model, despite its standard "mobility", is quite demanding in the context of the quality of the material being played – this can be heard even when using Spotify itself. "Momentums" love good quality files, and only when they open the door do they have a private side door with a red carpet, a small room and a discreet "VIP" sign. The time spent collecting good quality source files will be paid twice during the listening session. For example, take Dave Brubeck's Take Five song, which lets you see the musicians positioning themselves on the stage, as if they were a few feet ahead of us.

In the case of mobile devices, listening with the noise reduction enabled in the wireless variant provides a much better experience than a classic cable connection without connecting the headphones – it is difficult to say that they are all results, but it is very possible that this is a matter of integrated amplifier and transducers activated. they have their headphones on.

If you are talking about ANC, when testing Sennheiser headphones I had the impression that it works a bit worse than the PXC 550 – driving a train, car or wearing headphones while flying causes much less noise and unwanted sounds. ears, but in this case PXC 550 victory. The German producer's more "fun" model was better isolated from the environment. That does not mean, however, that the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT, in the ANC case, is weak – which is, is not.

So who is going to make these headphones the most fun during the listening session? Of course, people who enjoy instrumental and classical music occasionally include jazz or other forms of sound, such as rock, metal or ambient. I have the impression that the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT was tailor made for those looking for a feeling that allows you to create a private concert of your favorite band between the right and left ears.

Personally, I also listen to a lot of electronic music and I get on very well with this "Momentum". At times, though, I had the impression that the headphones did not have a bit of "fire" and entertainment that the PXC 550 deserved.

Here is the definitive answer to the question of where is the difference between the Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT and the PXC 550. The first are focused on a clear and slightly more analytical sound for people with a specific musical taste, while the latter puts a huge versatility and simply enjoy yourself.

The manufacturer states that the headphones will run for about 20 hours on a single battery charge and this is a reasonable and feasible result for me. Throughout the period of use of headphones I did not even have to unload them, so you can be sure to listen without much access to the socket. No one will want to enjoy this pleasure quickly.

The answer is simple: yes, if you keep in mind what (musically) and for whom this template was created. After more than a month with the headphones of a German company, I know they are suitable for both work and travel, as well as for relaxing night sessions with favorite music. I also have the impression that the producer's request to return the Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT was even worse than the PXC 550 version.

So what do we have in exchange for just over 1,000 PLN? Well-built retro-earphones with a myriad of connection and listening options. For this very large comfort and efficient active noise reduction.

The icing on the cake in the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless M2 AEBT model is the fact that the pain after spending the money on them dissipates completely after a few minutes after putting on the headphones.

Warm and definitely recommended. There is nothing to think about.

Price: about PLN 1000

Aleksander Piskorz


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