Scandal in "Kitchen Revolutions" TVN. Gessler was furious. "What's going on here ?!"


Hieronim and Magda Gessler in
Hieronim and Magda Gessler in TVN's "Kitchen Revolutions". / photo: Prt sc TVN

In TVN's "Kitchen Revolutions," something happens every week. A week ago, Magda Gessler was horrified by the dirt she encountered in a restaurant in Lower Silesia in Katowice. It turned out, however, that the owner did nothing about it.

In the last episode, "Kitchen Revolutions" arrived at the restaurant "Paradiso" in Katowice. It turns out that the restaurant was rarely visited by customers, so the owner – Hieronim – asked for help from TVN.

The owner of the restaurant was very pleased when Magda Gessler appeared in the restaurant, but the good atmosphere disappeared quickly. The TVN star was terrified when she picked up the menu card.

I understand that the card may be old but dirty … said Gessler. A moment later, it was not much fun when Gessler received food on a dirty tray. The owner was angry with the waitress, who should choose a dirty tray.

Another crap that Gessler saw after entering the kitchen, from which the door stiffened and, apparently, a long, dirty carpet. – What's going on here ?! Here we have a pound of land, here you can plant a carrot said Gessler.

There must be plenty of cockroaches here. It's all dirty like a pebble. Are you surprised people are not here? Gessler said to the owner. – This is one of the dirtiest restaurants I have ever seen – TVN star exploded.

The older owner, however, does not have a problem with the fact that there is dirt in the restaurant. – Too much cleaning is not good either "Jerome replied. The next episode of the show is already aired on TVN.



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