"Rzeczpospolita": More and more vineyards in Poland


Crops are growing and Polish wines are gaining more popularity and are attacking the increasingly high price shelves. According to the last estimates of the sector, we already have about 230 vineyards – says Wednesday "Rzeczpospolita".

The winery in Poland is becoming an increasingly popular activity and producers have doubled their ranks in four years. The planting area reaches 394 ha and production in the 2017/2018 harvest is 5207 hl – the daily reports.

Despite the development of this industry, we are still far from Italy, which is 900,000. hectares produce 55 million hl of wine per year. In the Polish climate, the white wine gets better, it hopes that the industry also associates with the sparkling wine – writes Rzeczpospolita.

Domestic liquor quickly changes your image. Polish wines have not enjoyed a good reputation for a long time. Once I bought three wines from a winemaker in Zielona Góra and all I had to pour – said the newspaper Marian Jeżewski, wine expert and president of the association Enokultura.

The change of approach can also be seen in stores. Domestic wines enter the discount shelves. They can also be found in specialty stores, where the price per bottle is up to three digits. According to the distributors, these wines are also sold quickly, writes the Rzeczpospolita. Vineyards on tourist routes are also growing.



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