Retirement 2019 – appreciation since March. Valuation VARIABLE – table rates. What will be the increase of the pension? [6 lutego 2019 r.]


MAP Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told Polsat News about new plans for the value of pension revaluation.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: "The valuation consists of two parts: inflation and a share related to the increase in remuneration, and we want to divide the latter part in such a way that the beneficiaries are pensioners with the lowest pensions today, for example, 1100, 1200, PLN 1,300 "

The new indexation of quotas may come into effect as early as March 2019:

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki: "The goal is for the poor to receive more money – we want to spend 7 billion zlotys on valuing inflation."

Indexation of pensions in 2019 – what does the project predict?

Minimum pensions will be increased to PLN 1100. The new valorization project is included in the list of government legislative works.

Elżbieta Rafalska: "We will apply the index of statutory indexation, which is forecast at 103.26%, while ensuring a minimum valuation value, which will be at the level of 70 PLN."

What would the revolution depend on?

A quarterly indexation of pensions would ensure a permanent increase in pensions among the poorest beneficiaries:

  • The valuation would not be a percentage, but a share.
  • The increases for the poorest will be significant – at least 70 PLN.
  • For people who have higher pensions, nothing will change. They will be subject to classical percentage appreciation. Next year, it will be 3.26%.

If new regulations are introduced, the change will be good. 1.5 million retirees.

Retirement 2019. Classic and quota valuation – a comparison of STAWEK

We present a comparison of quotas and classic valuation rates:

Gross Pensions Before Valuation Gross Pension after regular valuation Gross pension after valuation of quotas
PLN 1030 PLN 1063.57 1,100 PLN
1,100 PLN PLN 1135.86 PLN 1170
PLN 1200 PLN 1239, 12 PLN 1270
PLN 1,300 PLN 1342.38 PLN 1370
PLN 1,400 PLN 1445.64 PLN 1470
PLN 1,500 PLN 15498.9 PLN 1570
1600 PLN PLN 1652.16 PLN 1670
1700 PLN PLN 1755.42 PLN 1770
1800 PLN PLN 1858.68 PLN 1870
PLN 1,900 PLN 1961.94 1970 PLN
PLN 2,000 PLN 2146.46 PLN 2170
PLN 2147 PLN 2216,992 PLN 2217

Pension price in exchange for more than 500 pensions for pensioners

A quarterly indexation of pensions would replace the payment of the supplement "500+ for pensioners". According to Gazeta Wyborcza, pensioners will certainly not receive extra money as part of this service – neither this year nor the next. The government simply withdrew from the idea of ​​a single supplement for retirees.

The value of the pension revaluation is not the only planned change

It is worth noting that the government is also planning to launch the program. "Mama 4 more"He must provide pensions for mothers who have at least four children.

In addition, PiS intends to guarantee pensions with the help of Employee Capital Plans.

Work on projects is still ongoing.

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