Proof of registration and OC on your smartphone – mPojazd already works


In the mObywatel application a new item has been activated – mPojazd, which allows you to store digital copies of the registration card and OC policy in the phone.

The mObywatel application was updated and, along with minor changes, it was possible to add the registration ID and proof of third-party liability insurance to it. To use this option, you must have a trusted profile. It will then be possible to download information from the state databases contained in the registration certificate, the civil liability insurance and the vehicle card. Regardless of whether we are your owners or co-owners, we may store related documents on your phone. It is not possible to import car, lease or car data from the company to the application – in this case, it may still be useful to bring the car documents with you.

Thus, the citizen can check the details of the vehicle, ie its make and model, production year, registration number, VIN number and until the date of the technical examination. Not only that – as it approaches, the vehicle will inform us that we will not miss the date of the review. The notification will appear 30 days before the set date. We will receive similar information when the OC policy ends. In addition, on your smartphone, we will have access to the insurance name, series and policy number, your period, and the variant we chose. Another useful thing might be the option to transfer our OC policy data to another mObywatel application user. Such a need may arise during some cullet, although the likelihood that the second participant will use digital documents is likely to be rather low.

As we, as drivers, are not legally required to carry a car registration document with us and a proof of liability insurance, the feeling of attaching such documents to the mObbicel application is small. Policemen can check all of our data on the road inspection. MPojazd may be helpful in the scenario I mentioned above – when we no longer carry the car documents with us, and a dangerous accident will happen to us, and we will have to fill out the documents quickly.

In the post without an ID card – just the mObywatel application on the phone


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