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Project: Taxable income up to 26 years of age not exceeding 85.5 thousand. I will be exempt from PIT


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Income of taxpayers up to 26 years, in the amount not exceeding 85.5 thous. I will be exempt from income tax on individuals – the project is published on Tuesday on the website of the Rrum Legislation.


Government spokesperson Piotr Mueller PAP

This is an amendment to the Personal Income Tax Law, the Family Benefits Law and the Health Benefits Law, financed by public funds, prepared by the Ministry of Finance.

In the justification for it, it has been stated that it is the implementation of ads of changes in personal income tax in the settlement area of ​​PIT for fashion people until the age of 26 years.

The bill introduces a new exemption from income tax on individuals. "(…) exempt from this tax will be the rent of the employment relationship, employment relationship, work of exhaustion, cooperative employment relationship … and contract award revenue (…), received by the taxpayer until the 26 up to an amount of no more than PLN 85,528 in the fiscal year.The purpose of this regulation is to encourage people to accept employment through the modality ", explains MF.

It was explained that the change is "the first step in reducing the tax burden, which is the difference between what the taxpayer receives + on the amount + the value that the company spends on their employment."

According to the draft, the new rules apply to income (revenues) obtained from August 1, 2019. In the Regulatory Impact Assessment, it was written that this year will cost the public finance sector 950 million PLN (476 (PLN million) and in subsequent years PLN 2 454 million (PLN 316 million in the budget).

A government spokesman, Piotr Mueller, asked on Tuesday after the government meeting whether the IRPF reduction law for people under 26 would enter into force in the same way that the Ministry of Finance showed, or if the government would like to change, for example. , answers: – We do not anticipate any adjustments that would be unfavorable. If there is any correction, it is better to increase these limits.

Some Polish taxpayers do not pay the IRPF. Fig. Arkadiusz Zioek / Agencja SE / News from the East

information: PAP

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