Monday , October 18 2021

Pozna. New facts about the tragic death of the 8-year-old girl. The tram had a sign of "free road"


The tragic accident at the intersection of Hetmańska and Dmowskiego streets in Poznań occurred last week. On Wednesday night, an 8-year-old boy got into a streetcar. Despite the 40-minute resuscitation, he could not be saved. Now it turns out that the 27-year-old was allowed to cross the pass.

Deadly deduction of an 8-year-old girl in Poznan. The tram had "green"

"At this intersection there is no typical traffic light, and there is a sign for the trams. We were able to determine that the tram had a "free road" sign. We also confirmed that the boy crossed the pedestrian crossing, "says TVN24 Michał Smętkowski, a spokesman for the District Attorney's Office in Poznań. Investigators also determine whether the signaling was working properly, it is currently unclear whether the 8-year-old boy had a red light.

After the tragic incident, the Municipal Roads Authority in Poznań changed the rules in force at the intersection. So far, there was a "priority for public transportation" there. This means that the signal "allows" the passage of the tram when approaching the intersection. In the case of the transition in which the tragedy occurred, it seemed that the pedestrian, having a green light, crossed the street and then waited on the islet in front of the lane. After the change made by ZDM, the pedestrian will pass the road and the track at the same time in the green light.

Residents wanted changes two years ago

The inhabitants and activists of Poznań have already called for changes in this location for a long time – according to the portal. "About two years ago, at the intersection of Hetmańska and Dmowskiego streets, there was a serious accident involving the car and the tram. A woman driving a car and her son suffered in it. This girl is from my son's class. I then decided that something had to be done safely in this place – says Sylwia Czapla, the mother of a student at 77th Elementary School.

The portal partner even sent a letter to ZDM about this. As he says, it was for "stretching the cycle of lights, installing the camera," but most of all, the parents wanted to set the barriers on the track. "The trams in this place are moving at a relatively high speed." And children who go to school next door often can not walk all over the street and down the lane in a green light. So, they are waiting for other greens near the passing trams. The breeze from a tram so uncomfortable for an adult, let alone a child, "she told him.

The island is 1.5 meters wide

ZDM officials explain, however, that the island is too narrow to be able to install barriers to slow down pedestrians. According to the urban activists who run the Poznań Pedestrian Fanpage, the islet is less than 1.5 meters wide.

"It is a refuge where you can bear fear. There are 70 miles an hour behind the back and a streetcar ahead – probably 40 miles per hour. Fear of moving. If the asylum is too narrow, the pedestrian must have green light all the time, also across the runway – says Andrzej Janowski, the chairman of the farm council on TVN24. Lazarus in Poznan. At the closest board meeting, board members will adopt a resolution on steady improvement in safety at this intersection.

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