Piróg REFUSED PARTY at the TVP dance show! "There is money in this world that gets dirty"


Piróg REFUSED PARTY at the TVP dance show!

It seems that another dance program on TV will not arouse more emotions. Polish TV, however, managed to attract interest in its new program mainly through the jury – one of the jurors was left Ewa Chodakowska. The coach, known primarily for the Internet, will earn 15,000 zlotys for each episode of the program, although with the influences of other businesses still not much.

See: Chodakowska will receive 15,000 for the episode "Dance, dance, dance"

However, there are celebrities in Poland who money is not a priority.

In the last post on Instagram Michał Piróg he confessed that he had an offer from Telewizja Polska, but for ideological reasons, he turned down DVT. Piróg never hid his views and it is rather difficult to expect the worldview that promotes DVT to be appreciated by him.

Michał also added unequivocal photo showing the middle finger. He did not appeal to Piróg fans, even accused him of … spreading hate.

The 40-year-old patient answered all the questions. In one of the comments, he explicitly admitted that "faka" shows not only TVP, but all those taking part in a new dance adventure, including Ewa Chodakowska..

Poor … it's as if you showed to the leaders, among others Ewa Chodakowska – wrote the fan.

Not even a little replied Piróg, adding a smiling smile.

And as everyone agrees, they subscribe to the initiative's essethism, and then people like you are happy with others. And why all this? Why twist a spiral of hate? – someone noticed correctly.

I'm not happy … Everyone has their own opinion … There were people who sang to Nero because they were artists … There were also artists who became carpenters just so he would not sing Pygm answered loudly.

Some have mentioned that TVN can also be criticized, and Michał worked there.

When it comes to manipulation, I think all of the media is coloring the reality a bit. I do not understand why artists, actors, people associated with TVN give us such a public lynching on only one TVP TV and they do not respect the opinions of others, we must respect their own views and use only arguments.

Maybe instead of following me in the instagram, you start an adventure with education? Turn my account into a book Michał wrote back.

TVN better? Uh-huh. I think only Polsat is important? – she asked, commenting.

I do not know what Polsat is because I did not work. I had the opportunity on TVP and on TVN and I'm definitely saying this to TVN … No one tells me what to think The answer from the Piróg was.

You are waiting for the applause you write about it. massacre she wrote bitterly, watching.

I'm writing to say there is money in this world that is dirtyPiróg replied, warning that you can not buy it.

Do you admire your idealism or do you think it is doing it for the public?


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