PGE Ekstraliga: New news about Artioma .aguty. We know how long the break will take


Artiom Łaguta broke the right clavicle during the Edward Jancarz Memorial in Gorzów Wielkopolski. On Monday, the Russian underwent surgery at a hospital in Grudziądz. Certainly not going to the inauguration of the Ekstraliga PGE in Lublin.

Jarosław Galewski

Jarosław Galewski

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/ In the photo: Artiom Łaguta soon after the fall

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– Artiom is already after the anastomosis of the right clavicle. Everything went well. We do not think of any complications – says Zdzisław Cichoracki, member of the Supervisory Board of MRGARDEN GKM in Grudziądz.

I feel good. On Tuesday, he must leave the hospital. After a few days, he will begin a slow rehabilitation, "he adds.

Grudziądzans estimate that Artiom Łaguta will rest from the slag for two, at most three weeks. That means he will definitely not attend the inauguration of the Ekstraliga PGE. Let's remind you that the MRGARDEN GKM season will start on Sunday in Lublin where he will face the Speed ​​Car Motorem. He will also be losing a home fight against BET Włókniarz Częstochowa. There is a chance that he will go on April 26 in Zielona Góra. "I can already say that in Lublin we will replace Arteo with Artiom," says Cichoracki.

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Grudziądzans after the fall of Łaguty took immediate action. – We are very grateful to many people. I give the greatest thanks to the head of the Orthopedic and Orthopedic Division Andrzej Reetz and to all the doctors and nurses. Thanks also to the deputy director of the hospital for them. Biegański in Grudziądz to Jarosław Borynia, as well as the head and staff of SOR in Grudziądz – summarizes Cichoracki.

An accident involving Artiom occurredaguty occurred in third race of the Edward Jancarz Memorial. Rafał Karczmarza drew the first corner, which the Russian could not avoid. Both players landed on the track. The young, handsome Steel worker was unharmed. The GKM rider was not so lucky.

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