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"Paweł Adamowicz was an extraordinary man …". The touching words of the actress

Katarzyna Figure: Paweł Adamowicz was an extraordinary man …, said the artist about the tragically deceased president of Gdańsk. The actress's touching words touched the hearts of the Poles. How did President Pawel Adamowicz deserve such flattering words in Figure?

The death of Gdańsk's president shook deeply the hearts of the Poles. No one expected that during such a joyous event, like the end of the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra, a similar drama might occur. Unfortunately, on January 14, everyone was told that the victim of a mentally unstable killer could not be saved. Many artists expressed their sorrow and compassion for the murdered family, including Katarzyna Figure: Paweł Adamowicz has been valued by her for many years. Because?

Where did figure Katarzyna met Paweł Adamowicz?

Katarzyna Figure admitted in a conversation with the magazine factthat she admires the president of Gdańsk a long time ago. She had the opportunity to meet him many times when she moved to Gdynia. As Katarzyna Figure admitted, Paweł Adamowicz was a faithful spectator of the theater, in which she had the opportunity to perform:

– He was a faithful spectator of our Theater Wybrzeże, he supported us, he cooperated with us, because he appreciated the importance of culture and art in the life of every human being. He inspired us – people from Pomerania. […] The death of Paweł Adamowicz is a loss for our entire nation. I'm deeply shaken. I can not accept this confessed the actress.

Which celebrities paid tribute to the president of Gdańsk?

After the death of Paweł Adamowicz, many artists publicly expressed their regret for what happened to him. The singer Dorota "Doda" Rabczewska-Stępień was in this group, as well as the band Blue Cafe whose members witnessed the assault.

Doda appealed to her colleagues to propose a joint concert in which they would voice their opposition to the hate speech. The initiative would have a name Artists against hate. As she said during the recording on Instastory:

– When I listened to my music Peace sign I understood that I wrote 15 years ago and nothing has changed for 15 years. I have a request for all the musicians, maybe we'll do something together in the spirit of this song? Let's give a sign of peace, unite people under the stage.

Among the stars that responded positively to him, were among others Katarzyna Nosowska, Iwona Wegrowska, Grzegorzhyyy, Magdalena Steczkowska, as well as Sabina Jeszka and the band Rudimental.

Kinga Duda: The age of the president's daughter can be incredible. She grew up for a beautiful woman.

Why did Edyta Gorniak refuse Duda?

The person who has firmly refused to participate in the initiative is Edyta Gorniak. Why did the star, who repeatedly declared its openness to otherness, disagree with Doda's proposal?

From the statement by Edyta Górniak, published in Instagram, it can be concluded that she recognized Doda's intentions as selfish and accused her of following her personal motives and not being sincerely willing to help her. What exactly did she write?

"Using such a tragic moment for headlines and create yourself as a heroeven before being buried by President Adamowicz, is against the philosophy of my life and, in my opinion, on the fine line of human decency.

The singer's decision was not approved by the fans. The fans accused the artist that she is only guided by her dislike of Dody, with whom Górniak was not always on her way.

Catherine's words on the tragically deceased president shocked many people. We wish for much strength and support to the family of Paweł Adamowicz in such difficult times.

Katarzyna Figure: Paweł Adamowicz will always remain in the heart of the actress. See photos of the artist and the tragically deceased president of Gdańsk!

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Katarzyna Figure: Paweł Adamowicz has enjoyed great respect for the famous actress for many years.

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