Friday , July 30 2021

On October 30, crowds of protesters on the Women’s Strike appeared on the streets of Warsaw, including many celebrities

Anna Mucha came on crutches for the Women’s Strike, Jessica Mercedes appeared alongside Julia Wieniawa, until Barbara Kurdej-Satan left the baby and came to protest.

They are happening in Poland for a week protests women and the men who sympathize with them, indignant at the decision of the Constitutional Court,* order Polish women to give birth to fetuses with serious defects.* On Friday, October 30, crowds of protesters flocked to the capital to participate in the Women’s strike.

Thousands of people took part in the demonstrations on the streets of Warsaw, including many celebrities and stars. Wearing masks and headbands, they expressed their opposition to depriving women of their freedom.

On Friday night, photos and videos appeared on the social profiles of many famous people. Among the strikers in the center of the capital were, among others Julia Wieniawa and Jessica Mercedes, Anna Mucha with the banner “My grandmother supports me” too Barbara Kurdej-Satanwho left her young son with her husband to protest on such an important issue for women.

See who else appeared on Friday’s Women’s Strike.


It is good to polish with cardboard and cycle in the insta. And in a month, I’ll be releasing Christmas Eve photos and stories about what tradition is important. Be consistent!

Come on, hide with these “authorities”!

Stop promoting yourself in these protests !!!


Judgment of the Constitutional Court No. K 26/96 of May 1997, that is, from the time when the left ruled, led by Prime Minister Cimoszewicz … cty. […Wartość konstytucyjnie chronionego dobra prawnego jakim jest życie ludzkie, w tym życie rozwijające się w fazie prenatalnej, nie może być różnicowana. Od momentu powstania życie ludzkie staje się więc wartością chronioną konstytucyjnie. Dotyczy to także fazy prenatalnej…]

Mucha is not afraid to go on crutches? Protestants don’t like the disabled …

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Bravo You Polish! You are wonderful ??

It is a pity that, taking advantage of the hype about this abortion, raise taxes for those who work in exile and family businesses … It is even worse …

You are bending over to hate. !!

Satisfied witches

The whole world will know that the duck paid pseudo-balls to kiss the people of the march. We will not give it to you and we guarantee that all the neighbors will know.

If my grandmother had an automatic slingshot …

Celebrities should appear …


Everyone was in favor of Trzaskowski, so you know what’s going on.

Dear ladies, perhaps a little respect for the doctors and nurses who fight for the lives of others every day. And here it is not the fight for women’s rights, but the promotion because the photo in the urge must be.

How many followers of Adolfo, the peasant is probably happy that Poland was conquered

Those who go to the streets have a lot of free time, because those who work rest before the next day of work. We had elections recently and in them people choose who chooses. It is a democracy. Who was more? Your ego cannot take it. You are weak. You are controllable. You expose your family and relatives to illness and death, although I do not wish that on any of you.

But the transfer has gone from serums :)))) unfortunately it will not change anything and that is why anti-LGBT activists are even more censored

This is not love … The Rosary to the Limits is strength and love … it is being created again. And every child has the right to live and if it already exists it is a separate entity, then there is no consent for abortion. There is no consent!

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