November 12 with a day off. The law signed by the president


The Sejm, at its Wednesday session, adopted all the amendments proposed by the Senate to the law "on the establishment of the National Day on the occasion of the Resolution of the Independence Day of the Republic of Poland". This document states that Monday, November 12 this year. will be a national holiday and a day off from work.

The most important amendment to the law, proposed by the Senate on October 26 and now approved by the Sejm, concerns trade. Compared with the original version of the Law, the article that says that on November 12 stores can operate "normally" as on the days of the week is excluded. This means that shops will be closed on Monday (of course, this restriction does not apply, among other things, to store owners, if they are behind the counter themselves).

The project was also signed, according to previous announcements, by President Andrzej Duda. Some lawyers, however, have doubts they have expressed before Duda's decision.

– The constitutional principle of the rule of law has been broken here many times – it says in the meantime about the law and the way of working on the constitutionalist, prof. Marek Chmaj, in conversation with – The president can not sign any law that is contradictory to the Constitution. – explains prof. Chmaj.

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Members of the law

– This law is a legal sale, it is a lack of respect for the Poles. It's a carousel of laughter. These changes have nothing to do with the correct legislation – expelled Joanna Frydrych from Platforma Obywatelska from the parliamentary pulpit before the vote.

"This law is the biggest wick coming out of this room. This project will cost Polish taxpayers PLN 6.5 billion. You spend it for your whims – was repeated by Jerzy Meysztowicz, Nowoczesna. His party colleague, Deputy Adam Szlapka, has calculated that court letters on hearings canceled on November 12 will reach the recipients … November 13.

– Both chaos and disorder was introduced by law. People have specific deadlines in implementation. Trade workers do not know today whether they will be working on November 12. You are underestimating the Poles, "said Ryszard Petru of the liberal-social parliamentary group, before the vote.

Law and Justice deputies during the debate before the vote did not comment on the law.

Who will work on November 12?

November 12 will be a day off from work. Most businesses, courts will not be working (hearings will be canceled), private clinics, etc.

On this day, on the other hand, according to the National Ordinance Act of November 12, health services will be provided in hospitals and in outpatient care, and pharmacies in service will also be open.

On the other hand, according to the Labor Code, work is also allowed on non-working days. (ie in the case of works which due to production technology can not be interrupted – for example, steel mills, power plants, etc.), in agriculture and breeding, in repairs, transportation, hotels, restaurants, etc.

.. Labor Code

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