November 12 will be free to trade. Who, however, will have to work on that day?


Writing the law on my knee. Who needs to work today?

Writing the law on my knee. Who needs to work today? / © 123RF / Picsel

The Sejm adopts amendments of the Senate to the Law establishing a non-useful day on November 12. In this, it grants free trade to employees. Everything indicates that today they too can witness. However, your duties will have to be performed by those who work in the host.

For the last moments

In considering the amendments of the Senate, only the representatives of the opposition voted. And they criticized the way they work on the law.

– Pi days before November 12 is still in the Sejm. This is a scandalous way of legislative work – emphasized Joanna Frydrych, PO deputy.

Such a dead date to accept changes without any impact on problems with the activity and organization of the work of institutions and companies. In deciding whether or not to have a job, there was a lot of waiting for business points. The Polish Trade and Distribution Organization has called on the government to make Nov. 12 a day of negotiation, indicating that the surprise of employers with change is inconsistent, among others. of the Constitution of the business.

– Companies have specific deadlines to meet their obligations. This law does not respect companies – adds Ryszard Petru, a member of the Liberal Social Community.

16,000 audiences

The issues also concern public units. For example, according to the estimate of the Polish Association Sejm, Iustitia, due to the introduction of a day off, it is necessary to transfer about 16 thousand. audiences. Courts may not be able to provide effective information to the parties on this matter. The communications companies, for their part, had problems in determining how the vehicles will operate on November 12.

– We are awaiting the final conclusion of the legislative work on laws and their announcement. In this case, on November 12, a fall schedule will be implemented. We are prepared for this – Micha Grobelny explains from the press office of the Municipal Transportation Administration in Warsaw.

He will add that the schedule will be modified depending on the final form of the new rules.

– For example, important lines for those who are working can be strengthened. It is possible that the buses will circulate according to the schedule of the public and the trams – Saturday – will be added.

With similar decisions, wait for these boards to manage communication facilities in other cities.

Who to work with?

It should be emphasized that November 12 is not a day off for all employees. On the basis of the Labor Code, I am pleased to work among other sub-officers conducting rescue operations to protect human life or the protection of health and property, as well as employees in shifts and continuous operations (and thus more often in industrial units), transportation and communication, while protecting property.

It is also acceptable to commission the work because of its usefulness and the daily needs of the population, ie in restaurants, hotels, pensions, museums, galleries, theaters and other units that carry out activities in the field of culture or tourism.

Workers can also be employed, for example, in a call center, which provides services through electronic means of communication to companies or individuals from other countries (if November 12 is not a day off from work in those countries).

These should be done by health professionals who are employed in facilities for people who need a day care or hospitals who are scheduled to provide services today. The latter will carry out his duties under the law introducing the vacant November 12 (as well as pharmacy officials who are required to pay for a salutation).

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