NBA: Los Angeles Lakers – Miami Heat, game result


Already in the first quarter of the meeting, LBJ showed that he is hungry for the game. During the 12-minute skirmish, James scored eight of the game's ten bids and he had 19 points after the first half of the game.

As it turned out, it was just the beginning of his very good performance, that he stopped only in 51 "eyes". It was a special match for him as usual, and Miami is still the place where he had the most successes in his career. He has twice won the NBA championship with the Heat team (2012, 2013).

As a guest at AmericanAirlines Arena, it has always been difficult. In his career, he played 18 of those meetings, he won only five, including yesterday. Prior to this game, his previous triumph in this state of Florida was in January 2010.

The "king" as LeBron, became the fifth player in NBA history, who played more than 50 points in three different teams (Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and now the Los Angeles Lakers). Other players are Jamal Crawford, Bernard King, Moisés Malone and Wilt Chamberlain.

This achievement would not be possible if the final action of the match did not happen, the three hit that raised the "King" points counter from 48 to 51. In this situation LBJ-provoked Lance Stephenson by putting a friend of the team a small challenge – I bet You will not stay in three. You have the ball and the match ends – Stephenson would have told him according to LeBron.

In the coming days, the four MVP leagues await another sentimental return to well-known parties. During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the Jeziorowcy team will compete in Cleveland with the Cavaliers – a team in which James began his career and spent most of his time there.


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