Mrozowska breaks the silence on the new partner: "More than a year ago I made one of the most difficult decisions"


Mrozowska breaks the silence on the new partner:

Monika Mrozowskais one of those Polish stars that cut coupons of popularity acquired many years ago. Majka in Foster family in vain to look for new cinematographic productions or series, but thanks to an active account in the Instagram, the majority of Poles still recognizes it. Recently, celebrity can be known mainly through your private life. Although Mrozowska lived to see it three childrennext to a partner can not heat the space for long.

Just a few days ago we reported on a mysterious manwith which Monika was seen while shopping at the mall. Speculation turned out to be true, and the actress once again she's in love. The 38-year-old actor posted via Instagram romantic black and white photounder which she placed extensive entrance. As she said, she was inspired by the interview to get more involved in the issue of the new partner … Urszula Dudziak.

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Two days ago, an SMS from my friends arrives, that there are revelations about me again on the Internet – Monika begins and adds:

I know many couples. Among them are some (literally some) who are really happy. I also know those who love so much, but … only on Instagram. I have friends who "carry the cross" for the sake of the children. And those who just do not have the guts. I also know happy endings when joint therapy is successful. I also have friends who would like to leave, but common commitments and loans keep them longer than the oath made before God. he continues.

It turns out that, despite the help of a specialist, Mrozowska she split up with the son's father – Sebastian Jaworski:

More than a year ago, I took one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I was in therapy for couples. After a while, I heard that this does not make sense. And when I got used to the idea of ​​being alone with my three children and that I was well in that state … I fell in love And I will not be ashamed of it. she confessed honestly.

Do you think the mysterious man at the mall will be the only one?


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