Mole is probably not a chance at Tadla! All this is a photo!


Beata Tadla -

Jarosław Kret once insisted that Beata Tadla should return to him. Recently, the journalist has probably put an end to all doubts. She posted a meaningful photo on the web.

The story of Beata Tadla and Jarosław Kret she was very calm for a long time. A loving couple from time to time appearing at industry events. The classic of the genre in the environment. However, the spell was broken when the couple was invited to join Dancing with the Stars. Then the time in one of the interviews announced that with Beata Tadla nothing connects him. The saddest thing is that key stakeholders knew nothing about it, and she learned about everything from journalists.

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Many things have happened since then. The couple separated and Beata Tadla tried to return to normal. After a while, Jarosław went to his head and asked – even at work – for Beata to return to him. This, however, was adamant.

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recently the journalist was caught in a meeting with a stranger. It was evident that the star felt very well in his company. Recently, Beata also posted a picture on his Instagram profile, whose description is very eloquent.

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wrote a journalist, reporting her weekend trip to Sopot.

Do you think this is proof that Jarosław Kret has no more chance with Blessed Tadla?



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