Ministry of Education: A strike is no reason to close schools!


– The kindergarten / school principal is obliged to provide the children or students with safe and hygienic conditions of permanence at the facility. The teachers' adherence to the strike does not exempt him from this obligation – he recalls the ministry and specifies that it results both from the Teacher's Letter and from the Education Law Act of 2016.

In addition, we read that care delivery should occur according to the school or kindergarten work plan, ie a weekly schedule of didactic and educational activities, including day-care hours, including supply of a meal.

If the principal can not provide care for all children or students, he must report this fact to the lead authority (ie, a specific municipality – editor's note). The lead authority is responsible for kindergarten / school activities and its tasks include, in particular, ensuring safe and hygienic conditions for education, education and care.

The regulator should monitor the situation and be prepared to take action to meet those obligations.

The Ministry of National Education also asks the parents of children attending schools and day care centers, explaining to them the duties of the principals of these institutions in relation to them.

Father, what should the director / kindergarten report on the strike?

§ The principal is obliged to inform the parents about the strike.

§ Even if the principal notifies the parents of the planned strike, he and the governing body of the kindergarten / school are obliged to ensure safe conditions for the children to remain on the premises. There is no doubt that a child in such a situation will not be admitted to the facility.

§ The principal is required to inform parents about how the kindergarten / school will provide assistance classes at this time. The principal is responsible for implementing the school's statutory and statutory duties.

§ The parent has the right to ask the principal how to provide the child, the student protection during the strike and under what conditions.

§ If, despite the duties indicated by the principal / kindergarten, the parents do not receive enough information, and the kindergarten / school does not care for the child during the strike, the parents must report this fact to the governing body and the school superintendent .

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