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millions of diesel retrofit deals

Almost five million diesel cars travel on German roads and streets, which emit particularly high levels of nitric oxide. In large agglomerations and centers in many cities, they are threatened with exclusion from traffic or already affected by a driving ban. After the scandal, automotive companies have long declared a software update.

Germany: retrofitting of EURO 5 diesel cars

Now the situation is starting to change radically. In particular, the Federal Road Traffic Service (KBA) granted the first permits to "modernize" various types of diesel, ie modernize catalysts. The demand is huge. Just one Twintec Baumot company, specialist in the field of exhaust gas cleaning, in just a few weeks, almost 14,000. customers interested in incorporating BNox system filters into their cars produced by this company.

Car manufacturers have always refused to adapt them for years. Meanwhile, two years ago, Baumot Group engineers proved in the Volkswagen Passat example that a special filter system reduces emissions of harmful substances to a level significantly lower than required by the Euro 5 standard. This has been confirmed by tests by the ADAC Automotive Club.

As KBA has approved the modernization of nearly 60 Volkswagen models with the BNox system, thousands of diesel owners have already expressed their desire to update & # 39; your cars. Twintec Baumot has the peace of mind that he can handle the task because he has gained experience adapting commercial vehicles and even coaches. "When we realize the potential of this system, we work on it and adapt it to the needs of passenger cars," says Marcus Hausser, CEO of Baumot Group.

Cost – almost 3,000 euros

Hausser estimates that it is possible to adapt approximately 3 million passenger cars with a diesel engine. But, he says, "not everyone may want to refurbish their car, so we assume it will be about 40%."

Diesel owners find it easier to decide that they can take into consideration Volkswagen's declared subsidy of 3,000. euros. The condition, however, is where you live: in crowded conurbations such as the Ruhr area or in particularly polluted cities. The cost of upgrading the engine is about 3,000. 300 euros. "We assume that, depending on the vehicle, the customer should add two hundred, maybe three hundred euros," calculates Markus Hausser. At the same time, it is an investment that increases the value of a used car.

In addition, Baumot is immediately approved by the Federal Road Traffic Office to upgrade the relevant Mercedes models. And because the Daimler group also offers diesel owners financial support – a maximum of 3,000. euros for drivers living in busy urban centers – the interests of filter makers may be increasing. – In the next three years, we expect revenues of 170 million euros – estimates Hausser. "By next year it will be around 30 million euros," he adds and admits that alongside the Baumot Group there are two or three service providers on the market that have developed a similar class of "modernization" systems for BMW and Volvo. .

A solution also for crafts

Car refurbishment is permitted only at authorized workshops. "We want to make sure that quality is maintained," emphasizes Marcus Hausser. So far, your company has already signed a contract with a group of VW employees in the Ruhr region, and in the coming weeks and months there will be more contracts. However, it is difficult to predict how long the unfortunate diesel retrofit process will last. – It depends on how quickly workshops are able to work. And that depends on how quickly car owners decide to do that, says Hausser.

There should be no bottlenecks, because there are enough components for systems like BNox. Especially since the modernization of millions of diesel is a millionth interest that can further propel the aircraft, for which a driving ban would be a threat to its existence. Meanwhile, another HJS filter specialist has been granted permission to modernize light commercial vehicles. Baumot Group is also preparing for this market.

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