Millionaires. The issue of fat on Thursday for 40 thousand cost the participant a lot. And then there was defecation


Agnieszka continued the game after the "Millionaire" program, after last night (and indeed was more than a year ago, because TVN is launching the program) won a thousand guaranteed zloty.

Millionaires. Fat Thursday and Four Possibilities

Agnieszka advised a lot up to a question for 40,000 zlotys – the second sum guaranteed. It was about the tastiest day of the year – a full Thursday – and said,

What's the truth about Fat Thursday?

  • And – this is the last day of the carnival
  • B – Another name is Mardi Gras
  • C – is a remnant or a prostitute
  • D – can be sent in March

The participant got a proper response with a form of elimination and with a little help from the rescue wheel. Fat Thursday may be due in March, so the correct answer is D. T³usty Thursday gave Mrs. Agnieszka a guaranteed sum of fat sum. It was also administered with a question for more money, even the question that became impossible to pass – defecate.

Millionaires. Deadly Defecation

The first thing that comes to mind when you see a question about defecation is knowing what – removing the impurities from the body, this is nothing appetizing. But when Hubert Urbanski heard four possible answers, a silent dismay was made.

Defecation is:

  • A – purification of beet juice
  • B – urination
  • C – decreasing value
  • D – water irrigation procedure

Grant, with a hand in your heart, you have no idea what sigmoid irrigation means. It sounds disquieting and it is also – one can even try to "almost" match the slogan "defecation". It is the lavage of the large intestine that ends the defecation (end of the extremities). However, this was not the issue. The correct answer is A – purifying the beet juice.

Mrs. Agnieszka was 90% sure that the correct answer would be D and she also said that. She lost a lot of money, but returned home with 40,000 zloty. It's always better than a thousand or … zero.


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