May 2 – Open stores? Let's shop on 02.05.2019?


May 2 - Open stores?

The picnic is the time everyone was waiting for! If the weather is good, you can take a bike ride, walk or have a barbecue. We can spend time with family and friends. While waiting for a picnic, it pays to check when the stores will be open and when you will be able to buy all the ingredients needed for the barbecue. You will find out now at

Stores open on May 2? Let's go shopping 2.05? The long weekend of May begins tomorrow. Many of our compatriots will spend that time grilling with their family. However, we should have what to play on the grid. Essential will be sausage, pork neck or vegetables. Will the second day of May have the opportunity to buy the necessary ingredients for the barbecue? Check on or on May 2 the stores will be open.

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May 2 – Open stores?

May 1st is Labor Day, so the stores will be closed that day. The next day, however, stores will be open and, in most cases, longer than normal. You can buy all the barbecue products you need!


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