Martyniuk reconciled with his son at Christmas. PAPARAZZI


What a beautiful view that was. Father and son together again! Zenek Martyniuk (50 l.) And his Daniel played in Warsaw later this week. All this to prepare for the baptism of Laura (3 months), the granddaughter of the disco king. As you can see, the magic of Easter has spread to the whole family and now they are once again, as it was before, the unity.

The beginning of this year was a nightmare for the Martyniuk family. It started with a fight at Daniel's house near Białystok. Police intervened and his pregnant wife Ewelina (20 years) was taken by her parents to Wielkopolska, where she comes from. Zenek's son offended many close relatives in entrances and movies online, and then escaped and did not contact his parents. The king of the disco was broken. Everyone asked what had happened, he asked for comment. The only thing he could throw away at the time was that he would send his son to rehab to rest a bit. He did not even attend the birth of his granddaughter.
The role of the person who had to conciliate all the parties in conflict was assumed by the wife of the musician Danuta (50). She believed that baptisms familiar to Easter would be a pretext for reconciliation. However, this did not happen, because Daniel did not apologize for his behavior for a long time.

Monday. Here men whipped women with birch branches!

Easter customs. Here they beat their herring sticks!

The baptisms came under a large question mark. Daniel knew that the condition to return to normal was to apologize to his mother-in-law. Zenek often pressed his son, but he was too proud to take that step. He considered himself wronged that his wife's mother was blocking her contact with the child. In the end, however, he went to the head. Baptisms will be performed A good friend of Martyniuk tells us.
And it happened – father and son appeared together again. On a men's tour to Warsaw, they scouted shops, visited hairdressers and prepared gifts for this family celebration. And all this was shared regularly by Daniel, posting videos on the internet.


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