Maria Wachowiak is not alive. The actress known as "Farewell" died of emigration at age 80


Wachowiak was well-known, among others of the paper of Lidka in "Farewells" of Wojciech Fag or Beata in "Szklana Góra" of Paweł Komorowski, but also of the creations of the series – George Sand in "The Great Love of Balzac" and Ewa Brzeska in " The System of Circulation ". She played episodes in movies, and in time she got involved in theatrical and radio direction.

Actress in "Pozegnanie" with a song from the movie "You remember it was autumn …":

Wachowiak was the second wife of Gustave Holoubek, with whom he had a daughter, Magdalena. In the early 1980s, she left with the second husband to Germany, where she found them under martial law. The marriage decided to emigrate. Wachowiak played, among others in the German novel "Lindenstasse". She also worked for Radio Free Europe.

"Your smile will remain in your memory"

The actress was mentioned by her colleague Aleksander | wieykowski, who for many years worked at RWE in Munich. "Marcin, your husband, he called me on Friday night, he was talking about Majka's disease, but he was calm." There was no indication that a few dozen hours later the agencies would say that Maria Wachowiak, a Polish actress, Gustav Holubek's second wife and then wife Marcin Idziñski died, they had a child together, we spent many wonderful moments in their apartment in Munich in many occasions, and Majka was already suffering from a developing nuisance. We observed his signals during the recording in the radio studio, "he wrote.

Âwieykowski added that Wachowiak was still working, and "the peace and smile that accompany his face will remain in the memory, probably among all the living RP RWE employees in Munich, forever." ".

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