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Magda Mołek reveals the secrets of Edyta Pazura. "You didn't know anything about her so far"

Edyta Pazura was a guest on Magda Mołek's program. In a moving interview, the woman revealed what the beginnings of her relationship with Cezary Pazura were like.

Magda Mołek's professional life has changed significantly. The journalist decided to abandon the "Good Morning TVN" breakfast program, with which she had been associated for over 15 years. By reducing the number of her duties, the 43-year-old had time to resume the "Starring" program.

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The journalist invites a new guest each week, and the informal atmosphere of the interview means that many celebrities easily open to Magda Mołek. This was also the case with Edyta Pazura, who spoke honestly about the beginning of her relationship with Cezary Pazura.

Now the couple is 10 years old and has three children. However, hardly anyone remembers that Edyta met Czarek at the age of 19. The tabloids of the day commented on their relationship, leaving no discussion about the young woman. It was those painful memories that caused tears in Edyta Pazura's eyes during the interview with Magda Mołek.

Magda Mołek encourages you to watch the interview on her Instagram profile. By the way, he talks about his guest in superlatives.

"I love my show" In the lead role "- I don't think you would be surprised. But I know that after watching, you are surprised and write me" I didn't know he's so cool "or" I found things that now I will look at this person completely differently. "These are the most beautiful compliments you can send to a journalist. My whole professional life is an attempt to show differently, deeply, at heart level, the TRUTH about my interlocutor. Today you will watch Edyta and you." find out you didn't know anything about it until now …

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