Maciej Musiał in a moving post remembers the first classes with Krzysztof Globisz. "I wiped away my tears with a sneaky"


Maciej Musiał in a moving post remembers the first classes with Krzysztof Globisz. Instagram photo

The whole of Poland in July 2014 held its breath when Krzysztof Globisz he suffered a stroke. The actor fainted while reading "Dead Souls" in the radio studio of Dwójka. Despite his discomfort, he finished his job and only then called for an ambulance call. The actor is recovering to this day. He still has trouble talking and walking. Family and friends help with rehab.

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Globisz is not only an outstanding actor but also an educator. He is a professor of performing arts and lectures at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Krakow. He attends his classes Maciej Musiałwho in 2016 decided to work in his workshop and break with the image of Boski z

The student decided to share with Instagram fans his picture with Globisz and the experience that accompanies the first activities with the actor.

I remember our first classes. Huge excitement. Slowly he entered the room, propped on a cane, sat down in a chair and struggled with each syllable with difficulty – it does not matter. With an effort, looking into our eyes for several minutes, he kept repeating – no matter, it does not matter, it does not matter. And the tears came to us. Because there was an exceptional and powerful actor in front of us who got everything on stage. And by 2014 he suddenly had a stroke and is now struggling for recovery, learning to speak again – Musial recalls.

The 24-year-old adds that he could not stop his emotions. It did not matter, and I sneaked away the tears streaming down my cheeks. – We read at the entrance.

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As we can also learn from the description of the photo, Globisz is invariably an inspiration to his students. Krzysztof fights every day, he learns to talk and walk again. Every morning he is staring at himself. All the time he is a great teacher who during a class can teach us more than others throughout the semester. But thanks to him we also face, with our complaints, trivial problems, we thank health and we know that we have to be a good person. And the rest … and that's it. – Musiał writes.

Like Maciej during his first classes with Krzysztof Globisz, fans of the young actor were moved. Beautiful words and Thank you for this post – we can read in the comments.


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