M likes love. Kinga Zduńska is pregnant again! How is this possible?


M jak miłość, episode 1402, Kinga (Katarzyna Cichopek)
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M jak miłość, episode 1402, Kinga (Katarzyna Cichopek)

The countdown to "Mjak miłość" for the birth of Kinga (Katarzyna Cichopek) is in full swing. In reality in series, Kinga will give birth to the twins in mid-October, but the episodes we're watching on TV happen in the summer, so there's a little delay. On set "M jak miłość", Kinga's birth shots were fired, while Kasia Cichopek and Marcin Mroczek bragged about twins of Kinga and Piotr – girls Emilka and Zuzia. Not only that – the episode "M jak miłość" was already created with baptisms. However, during the last visit on the set of the series, Kasia Cichopek was pregnant again. How is this possible?

Viewers of "M jak miłość", such as Kinga and Piotrek, are awaiting delivery to the Zduński family. The latest calculations show that there were another three months. Everyone who closely follows the profiles of Cichopek or Mroczek on the Instagram sees that the twins Emilek and Zuzia are already born.

In the episodes of "M jak miłość", due to be released in early 2019, the Zduńskis have already given birth. The King and Piotrek shows have already shown the twins not only in the hospital, but also after returning home or during the baptism.

All this is possible, because the episodes of "M jak miłość" are performed in a non-chronological way. So at the same time, the team records episode scenes over a month or even two. With 3-4 months ahead of what we see on the screen.

In this situation, no fans of "M jak miłość" should not be surprised that after giving birth to King she will be pregnant again. Kasia Cichopek explained on the Instagram that such things are only possible in "M jak miłość" – one day her heroine expects a twin, the second is after the birth of her daughters, and the next one is posed with a pregnancy belly.

Even the most loyal viewers can easily get lost in reality in series "M jak miłość"!


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