Lionel Messi is a football player in the past. This is a football that we do not know about


When Lionel Messi or Mohamed Salah ran with the ball, one could ask if it was not a repetition thrown at a fast pace. Messi shot from a free kick – or not from the Playstation. The end of the match – the semifinals of the Champions League or the last minutes of the spotted eagle when no one returns because there is no more strength?

She was also delighted with the application of Jordi Alba to Luis Suarez, after which Barcelona took the lead. No one would defend himself against him in the world. Virgil van Dijk and Joel Matip were correctly positioned, but that was not enough. Only Luis Suarez was attacked. He started in the dark, earlier than the defenders and at the perfect moment found the ball. It was enough to change the direction of his flight and aim for the net by scoring his first goal in this edition of the Champions League. The end of this action was simple compared to what he had to do before – read the thoughts of Jordi Alba, what he wants to do with the ball, and then predict where to get it and how to get out so fast defenders.

Leo Messi could not be defended

It was a game to prove. One can admire the reception of Messi, leading Salah, sliding Arturo Vidal, the parade of Marc Andre Stegena, riding Gerard Pique or the speed with which he performs the feints of Sadio Mane. Turning his head in disbelief after applying Alba and ending with Suarez. Ask yourself "how he invented it, how he saw it, how did he predict it?" The individual quality of the football players was impressive. Barcelona scored the goals, but Liverpool played very well. However, the situation did not take advantage, and Barca rose to 2: 0, after Messi picked up the ball back from the crossbar and ran with him to the goal.

Later, Messi served the plant's specialty – a free kick. The ball went through the wall and fell straight into the window. It did not take her flying Alisson, he could not get his head off Joe Gomez. But here everything was directed. There was no right to fail. Camp Nou sang "Messi, Messi, Messi", and Klopp was standing by the line and he had no words. Because what could he say? Which player should he blame? Before that, it could not be defended.

I needed a tip

Only the last few minutes have shown that we are still dealing only with people. At the most important moment, Mo Salah found himself at a post. Five meters when Ter Stegena was not on goal. He scored Firmino's shot, which from before the goal was scored by Ivan RakitiƦ.

In the time of addition of the game, the hosts made two fast infernal counterattacks, that began to Stegen with a conscious return. From the center line, Barcelona players were three to one. And it is difficult to believe that both situations have been wasted. First, with the ball in the middle, Messi gave the ball to the left for Suarez, and he – probably tired of a sprint of tens of meters – was completely lost. He hit the Liverpool FC defender and wasted the action, Barcelona attacked again, almost in the same way. Again, the most important was Messi, who held the pass, which Uruguay did not leave before and placed perfectly the ball introduced in the field Ousmane Dembele. The Frenchman was not tired, he fit perfectly, he could do anything. And it's really hard to explain logically because it went straight to Alissona. After these two actions, it can be said that Barcelona won only 3: 0. Although the 3-0 share of these two stocks seemed too high for Liverpool. That was the game.

Before the start of this season, Leo Messi assured Barcelona fans that the team was more concerned about winning the Champions League, and he as the new captain would lead to victory. At the press conference, Jurgen Klopp reminded us of this statement and, with a typical smile, he said, "When I heard that, I thought I was in danger." In the middle of now, without a smile, he discovered in his own skin that they were not empty words.


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