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Letter to the editor. "I worked for 33 years, raised 5 children, I do not have the mother's pension"

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Below, we publish the complete text of the letter that Mrs. Anna addresses to the President of the Law and Justice and the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy of Elżbieta Rafalska.

Mr Kaczyński, Minister Rafalska, I have a question about granting the so-called "maternal" pension.

Mothers who have not paid a single social security contribution to Zus, not even a single penny to the US, will receive a pension of about 1,100 zlotys. However, I gave birth to five children and raised them with my husband. My children grew up as exemplary citizens, patriots. Each of them creates their own families and has children. Each of them works and lives on their own without using the help of their parents or the state. In addition, three children have higher education. I am writing about all this because the success of our children is also the success of my husband and my husband, because we invest a lot of effort, work, energy and money in their education …

Nobody asked us if the budget of our house is enough, we do not use any social benefits …

With all this, when the youngest child reached the age of 10, I decided to go to work, because thinking about the future I wanted to protect myself, wanted to have my own money, be independent, have a sense of security (even if it was a hunger retirement). I worked for 33 years (adding years before the birth of the children), of which I paid ZUS contributions and paid taxes to the US. At present, I am receiving old age pensions of 1280 PLN. Therefore, my "mother's" pension is not due to me.

However, it is beneficial for all mothers who, after raising their children, have not done any work, but have benefited from the broad welfare state. Now they will get back … Financial help I have worked, and now my 5 children are working …

Absolutely out of the discussion are the mothers of children with disabilities, to whom this pension should belong.

If you think, Mr President, that by distributing Treasury money in such an unfair way, the voters will "buy" you, you are wrong.

Mr. President Kaczyński and Minister Rafalska, is this how it seems fair and lawful in the distribution of state revenues? How does this affect the retirement of the "mother"?

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