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Low unemployment rate, rapid increase of wages, family support, including 500 more per child, one of the largest economic growth in Europe, change in the structure of the Polish imitative economy in a more innovative, many new investments of Polish and foreign companies – these are just a few factors that the Polish government believes can persuade the Poles to return to the country.

The Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, together with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, is organizing an Employment Fair on May 12 in London. The aim of the organization of the fair is to encourage Poles living in Britain to return to the country.

"There are many unknowns related to Brexit, Poles living in the UK may feel worried about working and living conditions, while the situation in the Polish labor market is the best for years, and the Polish economy is growing faster in Europe "It is a good time to consider returning to your home country, and the Jobs Fair we organize in London can help in the decision," said Jadwiga Emilewicz, head of the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology.

"The Polish job market in many occupations belongs to an employee who has a growing influence on the working conditions he enters. We invest a lot in supporting families. More than 500 families. Good start. The Big Family Card or child + The family is at the center of social policy. All this makes the decision to return to Poland easier, however, to realize that returning from emigration after many years may be uncertain. Regardless of age and family situation, all Poles returning to the country will not be left alone, "adds the Minister for Family, Labor and Social Policy, Elbieta Rafalska.

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs tries the Poles living abroad with "higher incomes and an increasing level of life". (Photo Getty Images)

According to official data, in March the unemployment rate in Poland is 5.9%. For comparison purposes, in March 2015 was 11.5 percent. Over the course of these four years, the number of people registered in labor offices has almost doubled. Meanwhile, average remuneration in the economy increased by nearly 700 in 2018 and by 300. Compared to the EU average and with the countries in the region, the level of Polish GDP per capita increased.

This good data is the result of the best economic situation in Poland for years – says the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology. As stated in the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "government actions contribute to, among other things, improve the operating conditions of a business in Poland."

"We are talking about hundreds of changes in the law that facilitate the conduct of commercial operations in Poland, which in turn influence the company's development policy." Foreign investors are eager to choose Poland for their new projects. technologically and offering good jobs, "he added.

The Employment Fair will be held on May 12 at 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. in the Queen Elizabeth II Center in London. Pre-availability is free. Before attending the fair you must register on the official government website.

The fair will be accompanied by a conference. The discussion panels will be attended by representatives of companies and institutions of the state.

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