Kukasz Kuczera: Rye in Rybnik. The right man in the right place (comment)


Piotr Żyta's job as a ROW coach in Rybnik is a good decision of the president of Krzysztof Mrozek. The coach has left the club after the successful 2016 season and I have the impression that he has some unfinished business in Upper Silesia.

Kukasz Kuczera

Kukasz Kuczera

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/ Krzysztof Mrozek (left) and Piotr Żyto

In 2016, ROW Rybnik was a new Ekstraliga PGE. And as usually happens, he was condemned to a devastation and a quick fall from the best league in the world. In the end, the team after the promotion did not do spectacular reinforcements. It was a mix of cyclists after crossing with those whose time was yet to come. Coach Piotr Żyto should take care of everything.

Maybe Andreas Jonsson did not survive under the supervision of a second-year coach in Rybnik. However, after the problems in Toruń, it was in the colors of "Rekinów" that Grigori Łaguta regained form, and Rune Holta proved that he is still a player at the extra-target level. In addition, the talent of Max Fricke also awakened.

Rybnik's juniors also started to get better results, and people close to the "Sharks" praised the atmosphere Rye was able to create. All this did some maintenance, and almost lacked, and the ROW would be in play-offs.

Unexpectedly after the 2016 season, the roads of Zyta and ROW have dispersed. This was the decision of the president of Krzysztof Mrozek. Even if he does not explicitly admit that he has made a mistake, in those categories he must be tried. However, the time will not be reversed and the past will not be changed. Most importantly, you were able to clear up some misunderstandings and shake hands again. The fact that Mrozek's and Zyta's relations were heated was best demonstrated by the fact that at the end of last season he was a guest at the Rybnik ROW machine park.

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I am happy because I have the impression that the coach probably has unfinished business in Upper Silesia. Of course, the team is in a different position than in 2016. It is no longer at the extraliginal level. "Sharks" did not leave the elite in the 2017 season because of the coach because the results of the ROW under Mirosław Korbel were good. The history of the club was decided by the doping incident of Grigory Łaguty. However, the lack of promotion in this year's competition can be saved in the account of Jarosław Dymek, who is the correct manager. And that is all. As a team leader, he does a great job as a manager, not necessarily.

Zyta's job also shows that Mrozek minutely analyzed the reasons for the defeat at the Nice 1.L finais finals in Lublin. The president of the ROW realized that with a better coach in the fleet of machines, he would be able to earn more. Even more so if we remember certain situations related, for example, to the preparation of the Lublin runway or to specific decisions of the judges.

The composition built by "Sharks" allows to dream about the promotion for the Ekstraliga PGE. If Rye fulfills this goal, hopefully no one will thank you this time after a year of cooperation. The previous episode of the coach at Rybnik was halted midway. That this time he has the chance to work a longer period with the ROW players. Maybe then fans get even the coveted DMP medal?

Kukasz Kuczera

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