Kuba Wojewódzki showed the girl. I think we already know her …


Kuba Wojewódzki has not shown a new girlfriend since his breakup with Renata Kaczoruk. However, he often talks about it on his show, or on Newonce radio, where he directs the show "Rozmowy: Wojewódzki & Kędzierski".

Kuba Wojewódzki with a new girlfriend

King TVN will soon be 56 years old, and from his lips more and more jokes about the child or marriage – asking his interlocutors "it's worth getting married"He even confessed during the interview with Andrzej Grabowskithat it "slowed down". Everything indicates that the Voivodship is finally thinking of establishing itself …

On Wednesday, Kuba posted on Instagram a picture of a mysterious girl as part of an advertisement for a gas station.

And you refuel before a long weekend or during the ?⁉️?
#nacyrklu #angrybirdsnacyrklu

wrote Kuba.

Internet users, however, focused not on the station, but on a mysterious brunette who turns to the camera. However, it was enough for Internet users to realize that the mysterious girl is … wodzianka – Angelika Wachowska.

This is Mrs. Wodzianka? (I.e.

Do not you know Angela? Kuba the master at making photos sparking discussion for the entire nation haha

The lady of the water of the program, namely the so-called wodzianka, as I am not mistaken, of course

– we read in the comments.


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