Kitchen revolutions in Lublin. Gessler: "Mrs. Should run a booth with stews"


Kitchen Revolutions in Torun - Magda Gessler
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Kitchen Revolutions in Torun – Magda Gessler

In the next episode of "Kitchen Revolutions", Magda Gessler saved Karczma Zapiecek in Lublin. The restaurateur has come to the conclusion that the restaurant problem is his … owner.

In the next episode of "Kitchen Revolutions", Magda Gessler visited Karczma Zapiecek in Lublin. The 40-year-old owner is depressed about not having customers.

"You should bring a box of casseroles"

The owner of the restaurant came to the pub and ordered junk, trout and cake. The food was not bad, the owner was pleased with the reaction from Magda Gessler. The restaurateur said, however, that the card at the inn is … boring.

The next day, Magda Gessler visited the kitchen of the restaurant. It was clean, but there were no supplies. The restaurateur pointed out that the pub is lacking in waiters. She accused the owner that if she does not want to hire waiters, she does not want to win.

To see how the owner intends to handle without the waiters in a situation where there are many guests in the restaurant, Magda Gessler makes an artificial crowd. It turned out that there was a problem – some guests could not get food.

After this situation, Magda Gessler had a difficult conversation with Anna. She told her the problem with this place was her fear. She is afraid to hire staff, she is afraid to go to the end.

Revolution in the Zapiecek Tavern

After the metamorphosis Karczma "Zapiecek" will receive the name of "Delicious Inn" and will be the place where regional cuisine reigns supreme. The menu will include carp fillets, gelatinated trout, carp dumplings, potato dumplings with potato pancakes. The Ukrainian borscht will also be served at the final dinner.

Dinner turned out to be a success. Guests were delighted with the dishes served, delicious jelly biscuits and potato. The owner softened and gained self-confidence. Will the Zapieka metamorphosis be permanent?

When Magda Gessler came to visit her after a few weeks, it was discovered that while the carp faheets with potato dumplings are delicious, the Ukrainian borscht was irresistible. The cook added lemon to it unnecessarily.


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