Friday , October 22 2021

Kim Kardashian has just been a mother for the fourth time. Only now do we know what she called her son


Last week, Kim Kardashian announced on social media that she was once again mother. The celebrity's fourth child gave birth to her and her surrogate husband Kanye West. Already at that time the stars confirmed that they had a child. Now we also know how he got his name. Attention, it is very original.

Kim and Kanye extended the family

A week after the birth of her son, the most famous Kardashian, she decided to reveal a little more. The celebrity added a photo of her son to the Instagram, and also reported that she and her husband had called him West Salmo. I must admit that the name is quite unusual, but it should not surprise anyone. The couple is famous for the original approach of naming their children. Recall that Kim and Kanye are parents of a five-year-old north, a three-year-old saint and a one-year-old Chicago.

As might be expected, the child's photos evoked euphoria among the celebrity couple's fans. A large part of them, however, was not charmed by the name of their son Kim and Kanye.

Why do you give silly names to children?

Okay, so this child will be a grown man with that name?

What an idiotic name … "we read in the comments on the Kardashian Instagram.

Are you pregnant with a surrogate

When Kim was in her second pregnancy, she underwent reconstruction of the uterus. However, it was not her fad, but a rare complication, called the placenta. It is true that the surgery went well, but the doctors suggested that the celebrity should not give birth to more children, and that is because reporting a pregnancy would be impossible. That is why Kardashian and West have decided to use substitute services for the second time.

Much health for the young West!


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