Kate Middleton is in her fourth pregnancy? This is the first photo of the "pregnant" princess: Magazyn :: RMF FM


Surprising reports from the American magazine. According to "Star," which refers to her informant from the immediate surroundings of the royal family, Princess Kate and Prince William expect a fourth child. A photo appeared on the cover of the magazine, in which Kate Middleton's allegedly pregnant belly was marked.

Kate, are you pregnant again?

Could the baby boom of the royal family last the best? Duchess Meghan had just announced her pregnancy, and soon the first child of Princess Kate's sister was born. She and her husband William in April this year received the third child of the world, Prince Louis. Meanwhile, the American magazine "Star" informs that the duchess is pregnant again!

Recall that, in addition to being born in April this year, Prince Louis, Kate and William are the parents of 5-year-old Prince George and 3-year-old Princess Charlotte.

"William is in a panic"

Six months after the birth of Louis's son, Princess Kate is pregnant again! This is a surprise, especially for Prince William. This is panicking, "the magazine writes, quoting a reliable informant from Bickingham Palace." Star "also published photos that are supposed to show the princess's pregnancy belly.

What's more, the tabloid reports that Princess Kate has recently canceled seven of her public appearances due to pregnancy-related illnesses. It is worth remembering that Kate had struggled with persistent nausea in the three previous pregnancies. However, she found a way to mitigate them – cookies with lavender.


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