Katarzyna Skorupa after arriving-tucie: It's sad that sometimes it's better to choose silence


More than a dozen days ago, Katarzyna Skorupa revealed that she was a lesbian, which moved the environment. "I did not make a secret of it. This is normal for me, "she assured him.

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After the interview, which appeared in the weekly magazine "Wprost", Katarzyna Skorupa received many words of support. As she revealed in an interview with "Przegląd Sportowy", other lesbian friends talked to her, taking advantage of someone's finally saying it out loud.

The volleyball player Pomi Casalmaggiore does not think her confession will change anything about the discussion about sexual orientation in the sport. "I wish it were so, but in my opinion the matter will be swept under the rug and no one else will talk about it." It's sad, "said the ace.

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This does not necessarily mean that there will be more news in the environment. "Realia will not change. I completely understand them and they do not criticize anyone for sitting quietly, they do not talk about who he is. This is an individual issue for everyone, although it is sad that sometimes it is better to choose silence. Many of them do not decide on their orientation, because they have a lot to lose – revealed Skorupa. "I can not say that I lost any ballast, because I never hid my guidance, I made no secret of it. This is normal for me, "she added.

Katarzyna Skorupa denied that she did not touch the white and red colors precisely because of her orientation. "My casting foul is related to the fact that I refused to act and therefore I do not play. Let's not look for a hole in the whole, "she assured him. "The last one that tried was the current coach Jacek Nawrocki, but for me the team is a closed chapter," she added.

Meanwhile, the performance is not as good as it was in the early 20th century, although everything is slowly moving forward.

The team leader is defender Joanna Wołosz and recently Julia Nowicka and Marlena Pleśnierowicz were named in this position. – We have almost 40 million people in Poland, but we did nothing to create as many players as we should. Someone will say there are schools, and I will ask: who and how do you train these young people? For example, I do not see successor Asya Wołosz. Such a player must have talent, adequate physical conditions and technical training. I do not know that, because if it was, I'd probably hear about it, "Skorupa finished.

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