Katarzyna Dowbor could not take it. Reveals the truth about the program "Our new home"


Katarzyna Dowbor, along with the crew of the program "Our New Home", has already made many revolutions on the premises. The journalist is not always welcome in the area where the apartment will be renovated. During one of the controversial episodes, the discussion was also motivated by the "recruiting" method for the program.

Katarzyna Dowbor through its "Our New Home" program, turns the gray reality of the tenants into a brand new face. Families who live so far in terrible conditions, after a short time return to the renovated accommodation. Tears of emotion and happiness appear in every episode.

Katarzyna Dowbor in the selection of program participants. The subject raises doubts

"I work on television, which is my passion. I am renovating houses, which I have always liked, and above all I help. We give owners a chance to get back, "she said in a recent interview for" Your Style. "

The scenes from the show show that the situation is clear in all episodes. The site "on the subject" recalls the "Our New Home" program of November 2017. The Polsat team visited Szczytno. On request, Mrs. Lidia's collapsed house was renovated. Then, however, the stairs began.

Choosing a resident of Szczytno clearly angered the neighbors. The local community expressed this in the local media forums, but also on Facebook. In Ms. Lidia, the Polsat team and the local MOPS branch were hit by an avalanche of criticism. All thanks to Dowbor's statement, which admitted that program participants are selected after thorough scrutiny – at municipal offices, MOPSs, etc.

Meanwhile, the deputy director of MOPS in Szczytno mentioned in an interview with "on the topic" that no one with the staff made such an analysis.

"It is not true that someone from Polsat contacted the Social Security Center," said Małgorzata Ochenkowska, adding that, following Dowbor's words, the MOPS were criticized unjustifiably.

Residents could not accept the thought that others, perhaps even more needy, did not receive such help. However, only Lidia had the idea of ​​joining the Polsat program. He pays for winning the lottery today in a sad way. A typical Polish neighborhood envy gives us much to think about.


Katarzyna Dowbor defended himself against the charges.

– The families we see in the episodes of our program are always checked several times in many ways. It's not like we're renovating the house for a family that catches our eye if we're going to draw it. We check with MOPS, with local authorities, with the nearest environment – quotes the leader ontemat.pl.

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source: Temat, Lelum

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